Rx Trax offers mobile device software used by pharmacies who deliver drugs and other medical supplies. The company provides an effective system that solves the pain and frustration associated with prescription deliveries. During its startup year, RxTrax products were promising enough that Go to Market judges unanimously selected RxTrax as their first choice for funding. Later, RxTrax was also selected as the recipient of USTAR South’s $20,000 Rookie of the Year award.

RxTrax features include:

  • Quickly Add or remove Deliveries
  • Include Delivery & Driver Notes
  • Instantly Know When Deliveries Are Completed
  • Organize Drivers
  • Capture Signatures
  • Take Photos or Recipient
  • Time and Date Stamp
  • GPS Stamp
  • Acknowledge how to Contact Pharmacist
  • HIPPA Compliant
  • All Information Securely Stored and Encrypted

RxTrax has since begun expanding its business to provide logistics solutions for a variety of other industries.