With over 250 registrants, the southern Utah tech community is gearing up for its fifth annual Code Camp competition. Southern Utah Code Camp gives teams (1 to 4 in a group) the experience of creating a web or mobile app in 24 hours. “Without question, Code Camp is the biggest and most anticipated tech event in Southern Utah. It is helping to prepare the most advanced generation of software talent the state has ever witnessed,” Code Camp Chair Jeff Poulton said.

Code Camp begins November 21, at 8:00 a.m. on Dixie State University’s (DSU) campus in the Kenneth N. Gardner Center ballroom. The competition ends November 22, at 8:00 a.m. with judging shortly after. Code Camp invites experienced or aspiring programmers, designers, entrepreneurs, project managers, mentor/advisors, and investors to accept the challenge to prove their idea is the best.

With prizes including high capacity energy storage devices, Bluetooth shower speakers and other tech-geek treasures for the winners, Code Camp offers teams an opportunity to network, add experience to a resume, and build friendships in the community.

Joshua Aikens, chair of the Dixie Techs, says that Code Camp is not only a fun event, but a great opportunity to encourage participation in a fast growing job sector. “Every tech company in southern Utah is looking for more programmers. If we can’t get them from outside, we will have to grow our own,” Aikens said.

Teams will be placed in one of the following four competitive groups:

  • Industry teams comprised of one or more full-time software professionals.
  • Collegiate teams comprised of enrolled college students.
  • Novice teams comprised of participants exploring the industry and learning new techniques.
  • Rookie Kit teams comprised of participants exploring the industry and want to base their project on the provided rookie kit.

Thanks to sponsors, the event, including food and prizes, is free to those who wish to participate.

Jill Elliss, director of USTAR and the Business Resource Center at DSU, said the event helps grow the technology pipeline. “Code Camp is getting the reputation of being the cool event for smart kids to attend. Even more important than that is the long-term impact it has on southern Utah’s economy,” she said. “The need is critical for programmers in today’s innovative industries.”

For more information, please visit: www.southernutahcodecamp.com or contact Jared Goodspeed at jgoodspeed@dixie.edu.

The first Southern Utah Code camp was held in 2010. Since then, an active board of volunteers has evolved Code Camp into a highly anticipated, sponsor-funded event that is gaining both popularity and recognition across the region.

The Dixie Technical Association (Dixie Techs) is a network of technology professionals and entrepreneurs in southern Utah. The Dixie Techs www.dixietechs.com  actively encourage idea exploration and implementation, entrepreneurship, job expansion, peer mentorship and education in the technology sector.

Tech UP Southern Utah  sutc.groupsite.com   is a similar group operating in Cedar City