If the Medieval folks had one thing going for them, it was their system of teaching the art of craftsmanship through apprenticing. Most of us modern technology professionals are jealous that we didn’t have real-world exposure to the craft prior to embarking on college and/or self-taught education. Launchpad was created to provide the kind of experiences we wish we would have had as high school and early-stage undergraduates.

Launchpad is an apprenticeship program for students interested in programming, app design (UI/UX) and product design (maker movement). The 10-week program takes place at local software companies and tech start-ups and is guided by industry experts who are as passionate about their crafts as they are about teaching.

Launchpad is currently accepting applications for the Fall 2015. Tech companies in St. Geroge, Lehi, and Provo will be hosting launchpads. Each site will focus on a specific topic, such as mobile development, web development, UI/UX design and product development.

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