iGlobal Stores works with close to 200 different online retailers across the US. They have a Magento plugin and they integrate with multiple other shopping cart platforms. IGlobal Stores is a SaaS provider that enhances eCommerce websites cross-border capabilities. Their primary directive is to increase conversion, improve the customer experience and reduce the additional efforts that typically exist with international sales. With iGlobal Stores, merchants can easily connect to providers they want to utilize for global logistics and payments as well as navigate the complexity and risks of selling globally.

When the team set out to build iGlobal International Services, they had one primary technical goal: to architect and build for the most demanding online merchants in the world.  And that’s exactly what they’ve done.  Our Stateless, Restful Services will Scale all day long, to meet demand. We built our International Services on top of Best of Breed technologies, including: Amazon, Netflix, Google, Yammer, and others.