Official Role: Director of Marketing for Wilson Electronics

Soundtrack: U2 – Where the streets have no name

Relates to the character of: Bart Simpson (His sisters are smart and talented, whereas he is snarky and mischievous)

Last read:  “Decisive” by Chip & Dan Heath

Fluent enough to understand vulgarity in: English, French, Canadian

Respectable career he would never want:  Anything in medicine (Has a visceral reaction to human innards)

Technology he believes should exist by now:  Tricorder from Star Trek (Upon further research, it sort of does exist – see, somebody else can write that story)

More about Jon

Growing up with the last name Bacon would present an interesting childhood experience in any english speaking region, yet there is something especially intriguing about being hitched to such a surname while coming of age in a predominantly Jewish neighborhood…of Toronto. Skipping past the obvious un-kosher details with the requisite John Candy references, young Bacon found strength and perspective within the complex ecosystem of a multicultural city of more than 6 million residents. These unique circumstances served as the sub-subarctic crucible from which he forged a heightened awareness and keen street smarts that have served him well in the fast paced and unpredictable world of technology marketing.

As the Director of Marketing for Wilson Electronics, Bacon enjoys being in the mix of the ever changing and advancing industries of technology and communications, as he acknowledges in recalling the trajectory of his career “When I graduated from BYU and began working in public relations, my first focus was on lifestyle and entertainment products and services. Fun, but not where my passion was. I quickly transitioned into tech PR and eventually into the broader world of tech marketing and haven’t looked back. I love the pace and scope of it, and making connections with how we interact with tech in our daily lives.”

Beyond his 9-5 Jon also plays many unofficial advisory roles for initiatives and entities throughout our area, garnering a respectable reputation with business and technology circles alike. Comfortable in almost any environment, he operates with an approachable confidence that helps him easily cultivate new and lasting relationships.

Happy to call Southern Utah home, Jon explains how living here was never in the plan “St. George was a town I stopped at and refueled on the way to Las Vegas or California, but the landscape, people, and opportunity keep me here.”  After a pause he is sure to add “That, and I’m living the Canadian dream by not having to shovel my driveway in the winter!”

Those who know him even a little, also know that wherever Jonathan Bacon goes he is talking about sports, an enthusiasm which, however un-Canadian it may seem, extends beyond professional hockey into virtually everything ESPN. Natives to our area especially appreciate his war stories of being a part of the Utah Jazz PR machine years ago. But if you really want to get him going, ask about the Argonauts.

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