What is this Maker Movement anyway?

People around the world are connecting with one another and calling themselves Makers. A Maker is someone who makes stuff: robots, crafts, furniture, art or electronic gadgets. The term, “Maker” signifies a new category of builders who are using open-source methods and the latest technology to bring manufacturing out of its traditional factory context, and into the realm of the personal desktop computer”

The Maker Movement embraces the idea of igniting the spark in young people to create, collaborate, and develop 4-H science abilities. Instead of telling youth they need to do better in math and science, Maker projects pull youth into STEM disciplines through hands-on projects that improve these skills in an informal setting.

Maker projects are cut from the same cloth as any other 4-H project. The process of making allows youth to follow their own interests and passions and master a variety of technical skills. Apart from creating something that is uniquely their own, youth reflect on the experience and apply the knowledge that they gather in all aspects of their lives. At its core, Making is about empowering youth to recognize they can create new things and bring their ideas to life.

Join the Maker Movement today by taking part in these 4-H STEM activities: washco4h.eventbrite.com